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Gymnast Information

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I am authorised to, and here-by apply for a membership with Dolphin Gymnastics Club, together with the enrolment of the above gymnast into the gymnastic program as scheduled. I authorise Dolphin Gymnastics Club to obtain medical/ambulance assistance in the case of an accident or emergency involving gymnast/s under my account and I agree to bear any cost thereby incurred. I agree to abide by the rules of Dolphin Gymnastics Club in all matters during my membership.

I understand and agree that:
- Fees are paid on a per-term basis and are not structured according to class or weekly attendance;
- All classes scheduled for Public Holidays will continue unless notified otherwise;
- I am aware that fees must be paid prior to commencement of training and there is strictly NO REFUND or transfer of fees;
- Make-up classes will only be allowed after a valid doctor’s certificate has been produced to the office;
- A reduction in term fees is not permissible due to personal holiday or absence;
- Non-payment of full fees as invoiced will see your child restricted from further classes; and,
- Any debt collection costs due to non-payment of account will be borne by the parent/s as listed above;
- Any music fees paid, by higher level gymnasts, is for the development and hire of the music only. The music remains the property of the club.